Objects of popularity

In order for the community to identify the Object of Popularity associated with a ToP, the token creator must provide a link to an open, public, and reliable source of information about it. This is necessary to verify the uniqueness of the ToP. To validate the information and ensure its uniqueness, Validators may use various sources, such as Wikipedia, Opensea, CoinMarketCap, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and others that may be acceptable. Alternative methods may also be used to validate the information, which will be announced later.

Objects of Popularity can include names, titles, or concepts known in the present or in the past. Any Object for which a user creates a ToP must correspond to one or more Categories/Tags, such as [Person], [Brand], [City], [Country], [Sport], [Place], [Idea], [Phenomenon], [Website], [Song], [Movie], and so on. The list of approved categories may be expanded by the community in the future.

When a user creates a token, they must assign it at least one Tag. For each category titled Tag, a Popularity Sub-Ranking is created, in which tokens compete for higher positions. The potential number of such rankings is not limited.

This section is subject to additions and modifications. Stay tuned for updates.

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