I. Introduction

What is Popularex?

Welcome to Populárex, a revolutionary popularity and reputation management system based on blockchain technology and the collective intelligence of society. We will explain its operating principles and its capabilities.

Populárex is the premier Web3 platform designed for expressing public opinions and curating rankings for a wide range of objects, events, and phenomena. It's engineered to measure, predict, and promote popularity based on collective evaluation and active community engagement. The name of the platform symbolizes the exchange of information and expert opinions in a decentralized social environment, where every user becomes an expert by participating in collective voting that reflects the wisdom of the crowd.

Populárex is the "home of freedom of speech," where every voice matters, and voting brings pleasure and benefits to society. It is based on the principles of democracy, transparency, and sustainability, and combines blockchain technology, social media, and game mechanics to provide equal opportunities for open expression of preferences and beliefs.

In the competitive and gaming mode, users daily discover and jointly promote the most trending Objects of popularity, express their attitude towards them, and thus write the story of popularity and reputation.

Populárex can be used for personal brand or organization branding, increasing their visibility. This technology can also predict the popularity and reputation of various objects such as young artists, new products, sports tournament favorites, political race leaders, NFT collections, and more.


The platform is community-managed and operates on the POPXChain blockchain using its native coin, POPX, for transactions and interaction with decentralized dApps. In the Populárex dApp, POPX serves as an in-game "attention energy" currency that is converted into popularity and serves as its unit of measurement. It is necessary for:

  • Launching ToPs (Tokens of Popularity), which are special Social NFT (SNFT) standard tokens that serve to immortalize information about unique Objects of Popularity (object) and public opinion about them on the blockchain.

  • Exchanging for VOTs (Vote & Opinion Tokens), which are used to gain influence, vote and promote ToPs in the ranking, as well as to express one's attitude and opinion. VOTs are ERC1155 standard tokens associated with the popularity of a specific ToP and are created (minted) by the user at the time of voting. 100% of all VOTs created belong to the voting participants.

Join the Populárex community and become part of the global history of popularity and public opinion!

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