Game rules

Populárex users compete to gain maximum Influence and increase their own popularity. Influence determines the promotion of Popularity Tokens (ToPs) and associated objects in the global Popularity Ranking (PR). Increasing their own Influence allows users to promote their positive or negative opinions on popular objects, as well as themselves as Popularity Sponsors.

Based on the Influence possessed by each Sponsor of a specific ToP, the ToP Sponsors Ranking is constructed on the token's page. The total Influence possessed by a Sponsor across different tokens determines their position in the Global Sponsors Ranking.

Participation in these rankings allows Sponsors to compete with each other to achieve and maintain top positions. The individual who occupies and maintains top positions, thanks to their Influence, becomes popular and receives greater attention from the community and their opinions. The individual who reaches 1st place in a token acquires the status of General Sponsor.

To achieve maximum results, a Sponsor can compare the historical and current PR rankings with the actual and potential popularity of an object in society. Users also need to identify regional trends at an early stage and monitor their development in the international community.

External events can also influence changes in popularity. Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to news and events that are happening around a popular object and can directly influence its popularity, as well as the associated ToP.

Sponsors Clubs of different ToPs, objects of which are opposed to each other in real life (for example, sports teams), can compete with each other in promoting the positions of these ToPs in the Popularity Ranking. Members of one Sponsors Club with opposing viewpoints can also compete in groups for influence on public opinion, trying to win over the undecided to their side.

On the Votes page, users can track other users' voting in real-time, and on the Sponsors page, they can subscribe to those whose game strategy seems most attractive to them.

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