Launchpad & Validation Queue

All newly created ToPs are published on the Launchpad section of the Populárex website, where they wait for their turn to be validated and launched. Validation is the process of verifying the information recorded in a ToP for uniqueness and compliance with the rules. This validation is carried out by members of the community called Validators, and their number is limited. A certain number of tokens are validated each day, which are checked in the order of the Validation Queue. Any user who wants to speed up the launch of a ToP can make a Boost launch by upvoting it. The token is moved up in the Validation Queue, and Validators review it faster.

Any user who has applied or received an invitation can become a Validator. Validators receive tasks on a special page that is only accessible to them. They are shown all the information about the token and Object, which is compared to the data provided by the first General Sponsor. In addition to approval or rejection, Validators may suggest changes to the token data if they see a need for it. If Validators reject the launch, the ToP is canceled, and Sponsors can exchange their VOTs back to blockchain coins.

Once a ToP has passed validation, a countdown timer is activated. At the moment of launch, the ToP appears on the Popularity Ranking.

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