General Sponsor Of Popularity

The first sponsor who uses their coins to bring a Popularity Object to life, vote for it, and promote its popularity, earns the status of General Sponsor of Popularity. This sponsor becomes the leader of the ToP Sponsors Club list and holds the highest influence among all ToP sponsors, placing them at the top or first place of the ToP Sponsors Ranking, which is displayed on each token's page.

When another user acquires the highest influence in a token, they become the new General Sponsor of Popularity, and the previous sponsor moves down to second place in the ToP Sponsors Ranking. Being a General Sponsor of Popularity comes with social benefits, such as having their avatar displayed on the ToP card and their nickname listed in the header on each ToP's page. The Global Sponsors Ranking is also published on the Populárex/Sponsors page in real-time.

In summary, becoming a General Sponsor of Popularity is prestigious and advantageous, as it allows sponsors to increase their own popularity.

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