Reputation Score (RS)

This rating measures the influence of the international public opinion of the Populárex community on the reputation of Objects of popularity. It is based on binary voting ("like" or "dislike"), which users can use to express and demonstrate their positive or negative attitude towards the Object of popularity to the community. Participation in this voting is a privilege of the token Sponsors, as expressing an opinion requires the purchase or possession of influence votes, VOTs. In the Populárex Reputation Score Ratio, the ratio of the value of Influence directed towards the Positive Reputation Score to the value of Influence directed towards the Negative Reputation Score is calculated as a percentage. Thus, the Reputation Score Ratio reflects the polar points of view of the society on the Object of popularity. The more VOTs a Sponsor owns, the greater their influence on shaping public opinion about the Object of popularity. As in real life, any public expression of positive or negative attitude attracts the attention of society and thus increases popularity. Despite the simplicity of binary voting, RR can reflect the desire of the community to express a wide range of opposing attitudes towards the Object of Popularity, for example, to express Love/Hate; Attraction/Repulsion; Approval/Disapproval, Agreement/Disagreement, etc. For example, a user decided to become a Sponsor of the popularity of a well-known politician's ToP. The politician published their program, which the Sponsor approves of today. The Sponsor votes for them with a thumbs up (like). At that moment, the Sponsor's VOTs are transferred to the Positive Reputation Score. Then the politician did not fulfill their promises or said something unreasonable the next day. The Sponsor disagrees with them, changes their opinion, and votes with a thumbs down (dislike). Then all of the Sponsor's VOTs go to the Negative Reputation Score, thereby showing their disapproval to society.

Since people's opinions can change to the opposite at any moment, the platform provides Sponsors with the right to change their attitude an unlimited number of times with each Upvoting.

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