IV. Tokens of Popularity (ToPs)

ToPs (Tokens of Popularity) are Social NFT tokens created and managed by the Popularex community. The function of these tokens is to store information about unique and important objects and events in society, their historical popularity, and public opinions about them. Based on ToPs, a blockchain-based encyclopedia of knowledge about objects and their reputation is created.

The main feature of ToPs is that they have no owner, as they are the property of the entire Populárex community. Any user can initiate their launch, and the Validator community can approve or reject them. Additionally, any Popularex user can propose corrections to the data recorded in a ToP if they believe it to be erroneous or infringing on someone's rights.

The existence of ToPs does not depend on their popularity. Even if a ToP's popularity drops to zero in the rankings and all sponsors withdraw their votes, it continues to exist and be available for study. Its popularity can be revived with the arrival of a new sponsor.

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