Popularity Ranking (PR)

Sic parvis magna!

Anything that can be measured can be influenced, and that includes popularity! Populárex is a super cool tool that not only measures popularity but also helps you have an impact on it. And that's where the Popularity Ranking comes in!

The principle of "Sic parvis magna" (Latin)

This groovy Latin phrase translates to "Greatness from small beginnings." It was the motto of the famous explorer Sir Francis Drake, and it's also at the heart of Populárex and its ranking system. It means that anyone has the chance to popularize something that might not be well-known or famous yet but has the potential to become a big deal once more people find out about it. It gives every trend, concept, or phenomenon a chance to be noticed and appreciated.

For example, fans of an up-and-coming music star can use this to boost their favorite artist or new album's position in the Popularity Ranking, making them more visible. A social activist can draw attention to a particular issue. A company can grab the spotlight for its brand or new product. Projects, brands, bloggers, and eventually every user can use Populárex for self-promotion and get valuable feedback from their followers, subscribers, and fans.

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