Creating ToPs

Creating and launching a ToP on Populárex is the process of registering information about a unique Object of Popularity on the POPXChain and promoting it in the global ranking. The user who launches the ToP and casts the first vote becomes its first General Sponsor. Before launching, the user must fill in the information about the new Object of Popularity in compliance with all the rules.

There are three main rules on the platform when creating a token: Uniqueness, Publicity, and Authenticity:

  • Uniqueness - each ToP must be unique, which means that only one unique Object of Popularity can correspond to one ToP, and only one ToP can correspond to one Object.

  • Publicity - information about the Object must be open and accessible to the public.

  • Authenticity - the data about the Object of Popularity must be accurate.

The community of Validators is responsible for checking the uniqueness and compliance of the created tokens with the platform's rules.

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